Karen Nelson showing a crowd how apples are sorted

Learn About Nelson's Apple Farm

The Best in the Business for Nearly 50 Years

Ross Nelson’s dream of being a farmer began long before the first apple tree was ever planted at Nelson’s Apple Farm in Webster, MN. His older sister, Annette, recalls that even as a young child growing up in South Minneapolis Ross always wanted to be a farmer. His dream became reality when he, his wife Karen and their two sons, moved to the farm located in northern Rice County and planted the first apple trees in 1974. Since then, the business has grown and evolved into what it is today – a fall destination for everybody looking to experience a slice of life on the apple farm complete with a farmyard and multi-acre nature preserve.

The first planting included four varieties - Tydesman Red, Connell Red, Spartan and the Minnesota favorite, Red Haralson. Today, the number of varieties has grown to include more than 25 varieties. Along the way Red Delicious was added and taken out, though these Red Delicious tasted far superior to the ones found in the grocery store. The Tydesman Red and Spartan had been removed, but so many have asked for the Spartan that new trees have been planted and are now producing fruit.

Throughout the years the scope of the business has changed, but the goal remains to provide consumers with top tier apples and offer a fun-filled experience on the farm for the whole family. Today, Ross and Karen now operate the business with their three children – Scott, Steve and Andrea, as well as their significant others and many other dedicated employees.

We strive to operate our traditional apple orchard honorably and with the utmost respect to provide you, our valued customers, with an amazing experience, every time.

Also, whether you’re a perennial, occasional, or first time visitor to the orchard, we’d like to share our story with you and hope you’ll do the same. Stop on in to Nelson's Apple Farm and let us be your fall picking destination today. We'll see you down on the farm!