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Visit Nelson's Apple Farm for a fun, healthy and wholesome day out for the entire family. We offer everything from picking and outdoor activities to a selection of delicious products from the kitchen and home goods for all ages in the gift store.


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Now open for the 2022 apple picking season!

We are open from 10 am to 6 pm Saturdays and Sundays through October. We feature apple picking, wagon rides to and from the fields, a gift store filled with fall decor, antiques, jams and jellies, honey, a hot food, and more. Don’t forget to get your order of our World Famous Apple Dandies - we are the only place you’ll find them. 

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It takes planting new trees every year to bring you juicy, delicious apples in the fall. Each hole is dug to the right depth and width to allow the tree to survive, grow, and mature into a fruit-bearing tree. From there each apple tree is planted by hand and tended to carefully to help it along throughout the years. There is a labor of love in every tree and apple grown at Nelson's Apple Farm.

Spring Bloom

Apple blossom time almost always lands around the second week of May. Some years the bloom creates a blanket of white beauty all at once, while other years the full bloom is spread out over a couple days. After the bloom it is important there are no more frost-inducing cold nights, as this could cause the crop to not survive.

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Summer Sun

In a few short months apples go from pin-size to full-size. In the time between, as they are growing, we are busy tending to the orchard in a variety of ways. We're mowing, hand-thin the apples, and much more. Hand-thinning involves reducing apple clusters from two or more down to one and making sure there's a hand-length between each apple on the branch. This helps the apples grow bigger and more flavorful.

Harvest Kickoff

By the end of August the apples are ready and Nelson's Apple Farm is almost ready to welcome you and your loved ones to enjoy the beauty and serenity that is the orchard. We attend St. Paul Farmer's Market locations leading up to Labor Day and throughout the season. We open for pick-your-own and more the first Saturday after Labor Day.

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Tuesday, Wednesday & Saturday: St. Paul Farmers Market various locations and times 

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*Hours listed are in-season for apple picking in September and October.  

Weekdays - self serve available on the front porch